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Monorail over Lamar- Animation 1 (19.1MB Streaming Download)

The monorail is supported by narrow concrete beams which rest on narrow pylons along the center of Lamar. Especially note the small pylon 'footprint' in contrast to light rail, which would take away up to several lanes of road. The monorail is a classic 'dual-beam' design which means that the monorail has two elevated beams- one for a vehicle traveling in each direction. This animation shows each beam supported by a common pylon structure, although each beam could also be supported by its own set of pylons. Features such as an optional emergency egress walkway could affect which alternative is chosen.


Monorail over Lamar- Animation 2 (16.7MB Streaming Download)


Note the relative simplicity of the monorail stations. This is an example of how simple and low-cost a monorail station can be designed. There is no need for the station to be totally enclosed, but totally enclosed stations can be an option as well.  Because monorails are quiet and unobtrusive, monorail stations can even be designed inside of airport terminals, shopping centers, or hotels (see the Monorail Society website here).


Monorail over Lamar- Animation 3 (14.3MB Streaming Download)

This clip shows another view of the monorail stations.


Here are some monorail movie clips at the Eurotren Monoviga website:

These movies require QuickTime 3 minimum, QuickTime 4 preferred. They are scaled to optimize to your connection. If you are on a high-speed connection (T-1 or better) and the picture is very pixilated, check your QuickTime settings to make sure you are set up properly for your connection speed.


                           View from a monorail

                           View from ground level


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