Austin Monorail Documents

bullet Map of Proposed Route
bulletRepresentative Monorail System Data

Online Monorail Resources

bulletThe Monorail Society - THE SOURCE for monorail information. Everything you need to know about monorails! A must-visit site!!

Seattle Monorail

bulletSeattle Monorail - Seattle voters passed Initiatives 41 and 53, which specifies that a monorail 'will be built' and that the initiative determines 'how to do it' and how 'the people shall decide how to do it'. Public involvement is at the very center of the Seattle Monorail effort.
bullet Cascadia Monorail Company- Company that has been formed specifically to compete for the design, construction, operation and maintainance of the new Seattle Monorail Green Line.
bullet Team Monorail- With the passage of Citizen's Initiative Number 1 on November 5th, Team Monorail has formed to compete for the design/build/operate/maintain (DBOM) contract

Las Vegas Monorail

bullet Las Vegas Monorail- Official site of the initial 3.9 mile line which will connect the MGM Grand with the Sahara Hotel Casino. Other stations are to be added.
bullet Las Vegas Monorail Fact Sheet- Single Page pdf.
bullet Las Vegas Monorail Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS)- Detailed information about the 'downtown' portion of the Las Vegas Monorail


bulletNational Standardized Monorail Association- Creating a National Standard for Monorail and systems design.
bullet Freeway|Monorail - Regional transit for the Puget Sound- As an alternative to  Sound Transit's flawed light rail  proposal, this system forms a coordinated transportation system with the local in-city monorail proposed by the Elevated Transit Company (ETC).
bulletHigh-Speed Monorail for Colorado
bullet Monorails of the world- Excellent site with links to all types of straddle-beam and suspended Monorails around the world! Highly recommended!

Yahoo! Groups:

bullet Yahoo! Groups : Austin Monorail Discussion Group
bullet Yahoo! Groups: Monorail Society Discussion Group
bulletYahoo! Groups: Urban Maglev Interest Group


Austin Area Transportation Links

bulletAustin Capitol Metro Rapid Transit Project
bulletAustin Capitol Metro Transit Authority (Capitol Metro)
bulletCapitol Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (CAMPO)
bulletLoop 1/US-183 Improvement Study
bullet Austin-San Antonio Commuter Rail Feasibility Study


bulletFalkenbury on Mobility

Monthly Newsletter

bulletJune 2002 (members only)
bulletJuly 2002 (members only).

Community/Business Groups We Have Presented To:

bullet5/2/02: Oak Hill Business & Professional Association (OHBPA)

United States Monorail Projects

Look for the latest updates on the Seattle,  Las Vegas and other United States Monorails here.

bullet Pinellas County Mobility Initiative
bullet The Seattle Monorail Project
bullet Las Vegas Monorail Official Site
bullet Las Vegas Monorail Fact Sheet (.pdf)
bullet Las Vegas Monorail Final Environmental Impact Statement

United States Maglev Corporations

bullet Transrapid International-USA
bullet Transrapid International (Headquarters)

The Maglev 2000 of Florida Corporation


American Maglev Techonlogy - Magnetic Levitation Transportation System


MagneMotion Maglev Systems



United States Maglev Projects

Look for the latest updates on the Baltimore-Washington, Pittsburgh, and other United States Maglev systems here.


bullet The Pennsylvania Project - High Speed Maglev
bullet California MAGLEV Alliance Home Page
bullet The Baltimore-Washington Maglev Project

  Maglev Resources

bullet Seraphim Propulsion at Sandia National Laboratories

(more resources coming soon)





Articles about Monorail:

bullet Seattle: The Monorail Initiative is flaky and unfunded. But it may be Seattle's chance for a revolutionary transit system that works
bullet Not just for Disneyland anymore
bullet Questions and Answers about Monorail Transit Systems
bullet A Monorail Transit Solution: The Best Solution
bullet Why Monorail?
bulletSeattle Monorail: The Business Plan - The Monorail Will Succeed- by Dick Falkenbury

Local Press Coverage:

bullet5/29/02- Newsradio 590 KLBJ has aired a short segment on us on 'Morning Drive' at 8:04 am
bullet5/2/02- KXAN covered our presentation to OHBPA.
bullet 04/30/02- The Daily Texan
bullet 04/12/02 - Austin Chronicle
bullet 03/29/02- Oak Hill Gazette (Cover Story)

Download the Oak Hill Gazette cover story on the Austin Monorail Project here (594 KB pdf).

bullet 02/18/02 - Austin Business Journal









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