AMP Responds to Austan Librach

Early in 2003, after hearing one of our presentations, a member of the Austin community wrote a letter to Austin council member Betty Dunkerley, asking 'Why Not Monorail'. A few weeks later, she received a reply from Mr. Austan Librach, who is the Director of the Transportation, Planning, and Sustainability Department in Austin (see City of Austin orgchart).

Here is Mr. Librach's response to the citizen:

The citizen was kind enough to forward Mr. Librach's response to us.

Note especially the sentence:

'The goal of implementing a mass transit system is not to accomplish a quick and great traffic reliever. It is instead intended to create a network of high-capacity, high-accessibility mode of transport that will encourage more compact and sustainable development over time'.

We disagree. We believe that any mass transit system for which the taxpayers are forking over approximately $1 billion should provide immediate relief from traffic congestion. We believe that Monorail, because it is elevated, can provide the essential qualities of speed and mobility. And we believe that Monorail can foster transit-oriented-development (TOD) just as well as light rail can.

Feeling that Mr. Librach's response contained certain inaccuracies in regards to the facts about Monorail, we wrote a response to Mr. Librach on April 19th, 2003. Our letter to Mr. Librach appears below:

Reply to LIbrach (pdf)

Mr. Librach was kind enough to reply to us (below):

However, Mr. Librach did not answer any of our questions and instead replied that, 'I believe the attached letter provides a legitimate response to your issues and ask that you please consider it as such'. Incredibly, the 'attached letter' was his initial response to the citizen which prompted our reply to Mr. Librach! Essentially none of our questions were answered and he seemed to be asking us to consider the matter closed. We feel that we, as tax-paying citizens, deserve a better answer. Decide for yourself.

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