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Flyer- Our new Austin Monorail Flyer v3.0b (740 KB pdf) is now available! This flyer explains the benefits and advantages of Monorail here in Austin. Feel free to print a few and hand them out to your neighbors and co-workers! Adobe Acrobat Reader 5 required- Download reader for free here.


English Language Flyer (v 3.0b)  (740 KB)


Spanish Language Flyer (v 3.0a) (819 KB)

Monorail Slide Presentation- (Warning! Large file! 7.5 MB .pdf). This has all the latest information about the benefits of elevated Monorail for Austin and summarizes the latest Monorail developments in the United States.

Common Monorail Myths vs Facts- Common Monorail myths vs. facts.

Paper- Some Thoughts on Rapid Mass Transit in Austin' (.pdf), by Jim Mareck.

Technical Paper- On Metal to Metal Maintenance  of 'steel flanged wheels riding on steel running rails', by Mr. Joel B. Marsel.


Monorail Animation

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Monorail over Town Lake


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