Travis County Democratic Convention

March 27th, 2004


Making a Difference in Austin

Would you Buy a Used Car from this Man?

Hey, it's Kim's 'Why Not Monorail' Video from the Monorail Society

People like Monorails!

Oops, looks like the tape ran out

Another Person Making a Difference!

Our Goal: Educating the Public about Monorail

Watching 'Why Not Monorail' with Rapt Attention..


We had a great time at the Travis County Democratic Convention talking to people about Monorail.

Thanks everyone for visiting our table at the convention!


Some helpful tips on how to help us:

  1. Write the Mayor and City Council asking for monorail be placed on the November 2004 ballot, or simply ask, 'Why Not Monorail?':

Send a Letter or an Email to the Mayor and City Council

  1. Write a letter to the editor of the Austin-American Statesman or the Austin Chronicle:

 Send a Letter to the Editor of the Austin American Statesman

Send a Letter to the Editor of the Austin Chronicle


  1. Tell ten of your friends about monorail and ask them to tell ten of their friends

  1. Ask your church group, neighborhood group, or other civic organization to invite us to give a presentation on monorail. We have a 15-20 minute slide show (+ 5-10 minutes for Q&A) that we would be happy to present to your group. Email us to set up a Presentation

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